Monday, March 24, 2008


As some of you may have already noticed, I've acquired a twitter.
Follow me at
Don't forget that it has a double "i"

While glancing around the twitter website, I noticed that there was a profile for Barack Obama, so I decided to follow him. I'm pretty sure it's NOT Obama updating this himself but the following email I received still made me chuckle:
"Hi, Claudia. Barack Obama (BarackObama) is now following your updates on Twitter."


Bekah said...

Haha, that's cool.
I just got a Twitter myself.
Hm, being the stalker person that I am (not really), I believe I shall follow you.
*clicks the button and the world explodes*
Crap, why does this always happen to me?!

Karma said...

whats twitter? and what do you do on it?

Mirm32 said...

sweet-0, i just got twitter too. now following you too. :P I feel kinda stalker-ish today, LOL!

RoboFillet said...

Well now I'm following you on your blog too! God bless RSS Readers.

Karma said...

oh thank you so much...ill be sure to check it out =]