Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Etsy Spotlight

Hey all! I've decided to start doing some etsy features/spotlights on my blog! I'm always browsing around on and there are SO many talented people creating great things. So why not share my finds?

Yesterday, I was browsing the art section for "clouds and rain" and came across this cute little illustration by The Paperboat, located in Spain. I clicked on it to get a better view and to my surprise the title was "Claudia and her pet cloud." Well.. needless to say it was meant to be. My name's Claudia, I have green eyes and brown hair AND my mom calls me "Cloudia" from time to time. So I purchased the print and can't wait to hang it in my room. :)
Click here to view it on etsy.
And make sure you check out Thepaperboat.