Saturday, March 8, 2008


Crazy crazy weather! People are saying that it hasn't snowed this bad for years. I wasn't able to go anywhere today, but I did stick my head outside to snap a quick picture. My photo doesn't even begin to demonstrate what it's like out there. I think we have about 15" of snow. Some Spring Break.


Kelly said...

Goodness gracious! I heard about the bad weather, but it *just* missed us (I live in the Ft. Wayne area). I'm praying for all you weather-impaired people big time.
Kelly ~/`~

natztheflip said...

wow claudia, you found my blog. how cool. haha. awwww I MISS SNOW. no snow in hawaii. booo.

but yeah i've been through really bad blizzards back when i lived in illinois.

Timo said...

I miss snow too and I live in Finland. This must be the warmest winter in history here. I think in the 80s summers used to be like this :).