Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day!

This is the obligatory post where I brag to you about
how great my Valentines Day was this year. I'm warning you ahead of time that this blog entry will be quite mushy and lovey-dovey, so don't comment to me about how I'm making you vomit or something like that. haha. Stop reading now if you're easily disturbed by that kind of thing!

We started off the day by going to see In The Heights at Playhouse Square. My aunt had tickets
that she wasn't going to use, so she gave them to us.
The show was great. The music, the dancing, the acting... loved it!

Then, we went back to the boyfriend's place and he cooked me a delicious dinner, complete with candlelight. :)

For dessert, we ate some of the V-day cupcakes I brought.

Then, he revealed to me that he bought Grease for us to watch.. which might not sound special to you, but he hates most musicals and Grease.. However, he knows that I love that movie and he wanted me to be happy. How sweet is that??

Oh and last but not least, I want to show
off one of the sweetest Valentines gifts ever.
He painted it for me and framed it :) So sweet!
I love the fall colors in the leaves and the little guy sitting against the trunk of the tree (I jokingly asked him if it was him sitting there thinking about how much he loves me.. lol. He said "sure" haha. So we're gonna stay with that idea.) Oh and of course the "I <3>

I think he liked the gifts I got him too. :)

Safe to say it was possibly the best Valentines Day ever. :)

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