Sunday, June 22, 2008

foolz of the internetz

Sometimes people on YouTube make me angry.
Like this guy, who left this comment on my My Immortal cover.

Honestly? Because there are like at least 30 people that disagree you, buddy, check the comments. Okay, even if something I did really, truly sucked, don't tell me what I should and should not try. I will do whatever the hell I want. & I'll have you know, filadelfiooooo, that I've been freaking playing that song for 5 years now at gigs and I have no intention of stopping now. SRY!!!

1 comment:

Richard Norby said...

Hi Claudia,
Your My Immortal cover was excellent. I've spent most of the evening today listening to Evanescence covers and yours was excellent. As soon as I heard it I went to your MySpace page and listened to your cuts there. Fantastic! So, keep making music and don't let the turkeys get you down.