Monday, June 2, 2008

The 2nd Ben Robot Whenever-I-Feel-Like-It Photo Shoot Challenge!


Yes, folks. It's that time again. Time for me to copy BenRobot's crazy photos. :)
This time it's Amy Winehouse style. Click HERE to see Ben's pictures and you can click on his pictures to see the original Amy Winehouse photos that he copied.

Pose #1 - "Where's my Blaaaake?!?!?!?"

Pose #2 - "I'z got my liquorz at 3 a.m."
(yes, I know it's vitamin water...)

Pose #3 - "I do not likez how air tastesez"

Pose #4 - "I'z be proud of myselfz for not loosin another toothz"

For the record, I actually really like Amy Winehouse. She has a fantastic voice and some really great music. Her CD, Back To Black, is amazing. It's a shame she's gone a bit nuts lately. Oh well.

Then, I was inspired to make this:


Ben Robot said...

you are the bestest person ever! you seriously captured that exact moment when she's crying in that first pic! hahaha :D i loves them all!!!

p.s. - i agree, i hope she gets better soon :\

shelly said...



imajeanyus said...

i wonder why that posted as shelly and not imajeanyus. oh well.. the world may never know.