Monday, November 10, 2008


Something kinda crazy happened yesterday. YouTube celebrity, Michael Buckley of WHATTHEBUCKSHOW on YouTube recommended my YouTube channel on his live show and posted one of my videos on his channel also. For those of you who might not be familiar with Buck, he's hilarious! I love watching his celebrity commentaries. He was one of the first people You should definitely check him out. Anyway, he has a huge following (284,409 subscribers to be exact) and just from him mentioning me, I have gotten TONS of subscribers. I think I've gained about 100 people in not even a day. I think I'm now up to about 750 or something like that. Amazing. I've been taking an unplanned hiatus from making YouTube videos for the last couple months. I just kind of got busy and honestly kind of bored with it. But maybe I'll start uploading again now that I've got all these new viewers.

Here are some screenshots of awesomeness.

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