Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

You should love the Earth today... because it's Earth Day. Go plant a tree or recycle something I guess. Shouldn't we treat every day like it's Earth Day? I mean... it kind of is Earth Day everyday. Since it's Earth... Yea... I think you get my point.

Anyway, here's a list of annoying things I have to do & worry about before I can rejoice that my first year of college is completed:
  • 5 page History paper on the Civil Rights Movement & a 400+ page book that I had to read in like 4 days. (Due 4/25)
  • Geology Lab Final (4/28)
  • Math Test (4/28)
  • 8 page English paper on a drugs, prison or gang related topic, using a movie off of my teachers list (I haven't seen ANY of them yet) as one of my sources. (Due 5/2)
  • 11 page History paper (yep same history class) on "the changing nature of citizenship in North America from the early seventeenth century through the early years of the twenty first century" (this is worth HALF of my grade.. oi) (Due 5/5)
  • Geology Final (5/7)
UGH. I hate the end of semesters. Well... I better go do all that stuff.

Oh and P.S. I was asked to be featured on this Women of YouTube podcast thing. It's basically just 2 videos that you've already seen. But if you want to watch it you can go here. There's a little button on the left-hand side of the website that says "play." Click that and there you go. :)


Mike said...

Yuck, best of luck on getting all that crap done. I'll do a paper or two for ya if needed. ;)

Btw, my word verification for this comment was "oohbu." I just felt that needed to be shared, OOOHHHHHHHBUUUUUUU.

Claytonian said...

I used to love school, before college and all the papers that came with it.

Andriana said...

GO YOU for gettin on that women of youtube thing! Awesome!

And earth ftw!