Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The Democratic Debate is being held at my college tonight and I can't go! No fair. Well, it's my own fault I suppose. I have play practice. It's HELL WEEK. For those of you who aren't theater nerds, "hell week" is the last week before a show opens. I think you can probably guess how those usually go. They are hellish of course. Actually, things aren't going too badly. We have a preview show on Wednesday that I'm a teensy bit worried about. People are still a little shaky on lines, including myself. I have rehearsal every night this week, plus a bunch of schoolwork that's really piling up. I also just learned today that my Spring break is only 1 week long! I thought it was longer. It should be anyway. I really need a break.

I am disappointed that I can't go to the debate. From what I've heard, it was pretty difficult to get tickets anyway. They had to reserve so many seats for press and such. They couldn't just give all the tickets away to the students. Some of my friends said they did a lottery-type thing to get tickets. I'll have to tape it and watch it after rehearsal.
While I'm on the subject of politics, let me just say that I was shocked when I heard that Ralph Nader, just now, announced he was running. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I don't even fully understand how he can do that so late in the game, especially since so many states have already been decided. It's not that I particularly disagree with Nader's ideas, I just think he should have abstained from running because he really doesn't have a chance. All his running will do is probably take votes away from Obama, just like he took votes away from Al Gore during the 2000 election, and look where that got us! Hopefully people have learned a thing or two by now.

And a quick note on the Oscars. I missed some of the first half because I was writing an English paper, but I was so happy to see Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova win for best song! 'Once' is such a beautiful movie with an incredible soundtrack. I love them and they seemed so genuinely happy and humble. Thank goodness too that they invited Marketa to come back on stage after they so rudely cut her off before she even began to speak. Also, I couldn't believe that Enchanted had 3 songs nominated! As much as I love Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz together (Pocohontas soundtrack, hello!) I haven't seen Enchanted yet, but I would have the same opinion about any movie having 3 songs nominated in the same category. I LOVE Dreamgirls, but I didn't like they had 3 song nominations last year either. I feel that it's a bit unfair. But who am I? I guess, it really IS fair, but it still seems like it isn't sometimes.


Tony said...

I agree about Nader... and it was pretty exciting to have had the debate at CSU... Wish I could have gone as well.

Claytonian said...

Nader is not running to get democratic party votes, but rather to try to bring some democracy to the system. And Dems get shot these days if they like the guy.

(I'm not in a political party)